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5 Questions to Ask an Appliance Repair Service Before Hiring Them

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It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. We head down to the laundry room with a pile of dirty clothes and load up the washer, only to realize the machine won’t start. Or what about the time when family dinner was ruined because your oven suddenly stopped working?

The reality is that we rely on appliances every day. From dishwashers and refrigerators to garbage disposals and stoves, appliances make our lives so much easier to the point that we don’t know what to do when a problem arises.

Sure, you could go through the trouble of finding the owner’s manual, looking up the dilemma on YouTube, and trying to fix the problem yourself. But this is easier said than done. Not to mention, with limited free time already in your daily schedule, do you really want to add fixing an appliance to your to-do list?

This is where hiring an appliance repair service comes into play. But before getting too far into your research, it’s important to know what separates one appliance repair company from another.

Here are five questions to ask an appliance repair professional before hiring one:

How much experience does your team have?

If you can only ask an appliance repair company one question, it should absolutely be this one. Keep in mind that a more seasoned group of technicians will have the necessary knowledge to repair numerous types and brands of appliances. While every business certainly has to start somewhere, we recommend steering clear of inexperienced appliance technicians.

Lane’s Appliance Repair has been serving Lansing residents for nearly 40 years. During that time, we’ve learned a thing or two not just about appliances, but how to ensure a positive experience for the customer. Our technicians are ready to put their experience to work for you.

Do you have a list of references I can contact?

These days, businesses tend to live and die by their references and reviews. It’s no different with an appliance repair service! So be sure to ask the ones on your list to either provide you with several references or show you where you can find reviews.

Here at Lane’s Appliance Repair, we are more than happy to provide references upon request. You can also see what previous customers have to say about us on our website.

What are the standards for your technicians?

We’re guessing you don’t want just anyone coming into your home and attempting to fix an appliance. So before scheduling an appointment with an appliance repair service, ask about the standards for their technicians. If you’re at all skeptical about what they say the standards are, a red flag should go up in your head.

At Lane’s, our technicians are factory-trained, certified, and insured. Not only that, but we conduct an extensive background check and drug screening before bringing on new employees. You can count on the Lane’s team to treat you, your family, and your property with the utmost respect from start to finish.

What is your warranty on services and products?    

A company’s warranty says a lot about how they view their own work. The longer the warranty, the more confidence you should have working with that company. This is especially true when it comes to hiring the right appliance repair contractor.

As you can hopefully see by now, we do everything in our power to ensure a positive customer experience. On top of everything else, Lane’s also offers a 60-day warranty on labor and parts. So if for some reason our fix doesn’t last for two months, let us know and our technicians will make it right.

What’s the repair cost?

When an appliance stops working properly, we immediately start worrying about the repair cost. That said, don’t get sucked into going with a company that sells you on a low-ball offer. It doesn’t make sense to end up paying for the same repairs twice.

At Lane’s, we strive to make appliance repair affordable for everyone in Mid-Michigan. This means going above and beyond to get your appliances back up and running.
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