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7 Signs Your Oven Needs Repairs

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Appliances are a modern convenience intended to make our lives easier and when you take care of them, they will last you for many years. For instance, a gas range oven is expected to last for about 15 years before you need to replace it. However, you might be noticing some issues with your oven, making you wonder if it needs to be replaced now. We’re going to take a look at some of the signs that your oven needs repairs or if it needs to be replaced. Need help getting your oven operational? Call Lanes Repair in Lansing today to schedule your appointment.



No matter if your oven is gas or electric, it will still require electricity to operate in some way. That makes electrical issues a big sign that something needs to be repaired in your oven. If you have struggled to get your oven to turn on or you’ve seen its power fluctuate wildly, contact an appliance repair professional to check it out. With how dangerous electricity is, you should not attempt to fix this on your own for your safety.


The burners on your stovetop are an integral part of your range’s composition, as most of the cooking you’re doing on your oven will be with the burners. If your burners aren’t coming on, are weaker than they used to be, or otherwise are acting up, repairs are in order. It could be an issue with the ignition on a gas stove or some trouble with the electrical connection for coil burners.


Many people prefer gas ovens to electrical for a variety of reasons, but unlike ovens of the past, a modern one should not actually smell like gas. If you notice a gas smell coming from your oven, turn it off immediately, as it is a sign of a gas leak. After that, contact a professional to inspect the oven and repair any damage. If this isn’t done right away, you put your family and home in great danger, so don’t ignore that gas smell.


An oven’s job is to cook food, so when it’s not cooking food properly, it’s a sign there’s something wrong. If your food is coming out undercooked, despite following the recipe, instructions, or what has worked for you in the past, a component within the oven is likely broken. Typically when this happens, it is down to a busted fan or bad heating element.


On the other end of things, if your food is coming out burnt or otherwise overcooked, it’s another sign of trouble. Most often this is caused by a bad thermostat, which should be repaired as soon as possible, as it poses a significant fire hazard.


If you struggle to get the door on your oven closed, it is most likely a problem with bad or askew hinges. When you’re unable to properly close the oven door, it will lead to issues with cooking food properly.


While other appliances are known for the noises they make, ovens are much quieter. However, if your oven is making strange noises, it’s a clear sign there is something wrong. Have an appliance repair professional check it out to get it fixed.

Keep an eye out for these signs that your oven needs to be repaired and then call Lanes Repair in Lansing to get your range working properly again.


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