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How Often You Should Clean Your Appliances

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We tend to think about our home appliances the same way we think about our cars. As long as they work, there’s no need to really pay much attention to them, right? What homeowners don’t realize, though, is that clean appliances work better and last longer than dirty ones.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common home appliances and how often you should clean them.


Mold, mildew, and spills can make refrigerator cleaning an absolute nightmare. At Lane’s Appliance Repair, we suggest wiping up spills when they happen and using disinfecting wipes on a regular basis to remove bacteria as much as possible. It’s also worth taking a few minutes once a week to check for food that needs to be thrown away.

So how often should you do a thorough cleaning of your fridge? Our team recommends starting with every three months and seeing if you need to do it more often. Keep in mind that refrigerator cleaning typically entails wiping down the interior and surfaces, washing the shelves and bins, and, if necessary, defrosting.

If you’ve finished cleaning your fridge inside and out but notice it still isn’t working the way it should, you may consider refrigerator repair from Lane’s Appliance Repair.


Want to be sure that your dishwasher remains clean and functional for years to come? Mary Marlowe Leverette of The Spruce suggests cleaning this home appliance with vinegar and baking soda once a month. 

First, remove the bottom rack and check the drain strainer and detergent dispenser for debris. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the strainer and replace the rack. At this point, you can fill a glass bowl with one cup of distilled white vinegar and place it on the rack.

Run a hot water wash cycle while remembering to skip the drying cycle. Once the cycle is completed, open the dishwasher and add one cup of baking soda along its floor. Following another short, hot water cycle, your dishwasher is grease- and odor-free.

Don’t forget to ask the Lane’s team about reliable dishwasher repair.

Garbage disposals

We recently discussed what not to do when operating your garbage disposal. But when it comes to ensuring the long-term functionality of this appliance, weekly cleanings are a must. 

Begin the process by mixing ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup distilled white vinegar. Once you notice a foam starting to form, use a sink stopper to trap it inside. Flush with hot water when the fizzing stops.

You may not think so, but a weekly cleaning of your garbage disposal goes a long way. Contact Lane’s Appliance Repair today to ask about garbage disposal repair in Lansing. 


Another holiday season will be here before we know it. Whether you’re preparing one large meal or several smaller ones, a clean, functional oven will be your best friend. In terms of how often you should clean your oven, we suggest doing so every few months.

If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, there isn’t a whole lot to do on your end. Ovens that aren’t very dirty could benefit from a paste of baking soda and water as a grease remover. Homeowners tasked with cleaning a more baked-on mess in their oven should turn to a commercial cleaner.

Contact Lane’s for professional oven repair today!


It doesn’t take much time or effort to clean a microwave. As you can see for yourself in the previously referenced article, fill a microwaveable bowl with one cup of water, turn on the microwave, and bring the water to a boil. Let the bowl sit inside for about five minutes before opening the door and using a dampened cloth to wipe down every surface.

Keep in mind that microwave turntables can either go inside the dishwasher or be wiped down. Once you’ve cleaned the handle and touchpad with a disinfectant wipe, the job is finished. Go through this process once a week and you will have a clean microwave.

If you’re having issues with this home appliance, be sure to ask the Lane’s team about microwave repair

Schedule Appliance Repair Service in Lansing

At Lane’s Appliance Repair, we understand just how much you rely on your home appliances. So when you run into a problem with your dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, or microwave, it’s easy to feel helpless. This is where having a reliable appliance repair service by your side comes into play.

Lane’s Appliance Repair has been Lansing’s choice for appliance maintenance since 1980. Whether an appliance of yours needs a simple tweak or more extensive repairs, you can count on our factory-trained and certified technicians to get the job done right the first time. At Lane’s the customer is always our top priority.

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