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Signs You Probably Need To Replace Or Repair Your Oven

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Lane’s Appliance Repair offers a unique blend of expertise and quality customer service. It’s no coincidence; we’ve been in business since 1980 for a reason, and that is we do business the right way. We stand by what we say, and we treat every project or service call as if it was the biggest client we’ve got. Throw on some affordable rates, and you’ve got a recipe for an excellent, nay, delicious appliance repair company. Okay maybe not delicious, but we are talking about oven repairs and replacements today, so that was our best effort at making some sort of baking/cake/business metaphor.

Moving right along, today we will be exploring the world of oven repair vs. replacement, signs it’s time to do one or the other, and other helpful tips when it comes to oven repair and the like. So let’s dive into the meat and potatoes (still not good) of today’s post: Signs You Probably Need To Replace Or Repair Your Oven.

The Light Doesn’t Turn On

Like anything that has been around for a while, time takes its toll. This is probably a simple fix for most appliance repair experts, but by no means should you attempt to fix this issue yourself. There is a significant risk of electric shock when you are working on an oven. The problem itself might be due to a poorly functioning control, broil or bake element, a disintegrated wire, or maybe even the power source could be the culprit. Regardless, don’t do voltage checks. Just don’t. We are committed to saving you money in any way we can, because we know that is how we keep clients for the long term. You can trust Lane’s Appliance Repair to give you honest advice that is in your best interest.

Cracks In The Cooktop

This might seem like a minor issue, and it might be. But at Lane’s Appliance Repair, with our considerable experience, we don’t like to take chances on something like this. Why? Quite simply because small cracks can turn into bigger fault lines before you know it, meaning that they could literally could result in a shattered cooktop. If that happens, you are likely looking at a full on oven replacement. It’s the same principle as changing your oil when you should, instead of paying for a new engine down the road.

Problems With The Electric Panel

If you are having issues with the electric panel or range, like an inconsistent timer, faulty buttons, or something else, it might be time to consider calling in a professional to diagnose the situation. When you see something like this, there might be an less expensive fix to the issue than a full-on replacement. And that is exactly where we come in. We will tell you what you need to know, and then the choice is yours. If you feel like waiting until you get the very last lick of flame from your oven from the 1800s, more power to you. We are about providing you expert advice, but the choice is always yours!

My Oven Won’t Get To The Right Temperature

There might be a few different factors in play here, and this might be a problem that you could fix on your own. If you don’t have the owner’s manual anymore, search for it online. If that fails, you could manually adjust the temperature hotter or colder than you normally would, and then measure the temperature with a separate thermometer. Easy fix. But we could probably fix that problem for you without much fuss or trouble, and at a reasonable price. Once you get tired of having to jimmy-rig your oven anytime you want to bake some pasta, you know where to find us!

My Rack Fell Down And It Can’t Get Up

Old age is no fun, and ovens are not any more immune to its symptoms than we are. One of these problems that we see in elderly ovens is that the internal cavity can have problems, specifically with the rack falling. Hopefully your oven is still under warranty, but if it’s getting up there in years it most likely isn’t. And that means it most likely will be expensive to repair. In such a case we would typically recommend a full-on oven replacement.

Whatever the kind of oven repair or stove repair services you are looking for, you can trust Lane’s Appliance Repair to provide you with the sound advice you need to make an informed decision. As Lansing’s top appliance repair company, we are proud to service our community with more than the status-quo. Our team is full of Michigan natives who have a passion for making people happy by providing exceptional customer service. Like we mentioned above, our aim is to be considered a team of quality people who happen to be experts in the field of appliance repair.

More Than Oven Repair

Lane’s Appliance Repair is much more than an oven mechanic company. In addition to electric oven and stove repair services, we are knowledgeable and happy to service all major appliances and brands, including:

• Dishwashers
• Washers
• Dryers
• Ranges
• Cooktops
• Refrigerators
• Freezers
• Microwave ovens
• Garbage disposals
• Trash compactors
• Wine coolers
• Ice makers
• Ice dispensers
• Water dispensers


If you find yourself lucky enough to belong to one of these fantastic Mid-Michigan communities like Jackson, Williamston, Lansing, Grand Ledge, and many others, we would love if you would consider us the next time you are in need of general appliance repair or maintenance. Our commitment is to be punctual, professional, and knowledgeable. We confident that our blend of competitive pricing, staff friendliness and industry knowledge will continue to make the difference for people like you who have been in need of anything from Samsung dishwasher repair to a Whirlpool dryer repair. We have experience with all major brands, and enough handyman-knowledge to figure out how just about anything works! We would love to hear from you, so give us a call at Lane’s Appliance Repair. We are the authorized service center for Mid-Michigan and beyond! 517-325-9402


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