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The Communities For Which We Provide Appliance Repair

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At Lane’s Appliance Repair, we have been changing the way Mid-Michigan folks are thinking about appliance service repair. We’ve attempted to do this is a variety of ways. With unique, in-home calls, easy and stress-free customer services, and a 60-day parts and labor guarantee, and factory-certified appliance repair technicians,  we are constantly looking to improve wherever possible.

We don’t ever “arrive” as it were; there’s always room for improvement. And while these might sound like platitudes to some, we take each every appliance repair job seriously, utilizing our expertise to great effect. As a testament to our efforts, we’ve been recognized by LG Electronics as one of the nation’s top-performing appliance repair companies! Nevermind mere Michigan, to receive an honor on the national scale speaks to our commitment to excellence. We don’t relay this information so that we can feel good about tooting our own horn, mind you. We do this because we want our current clients and prospective customers alike to know that they can working with a top appliance repair company in Michigan, should they so choose.

A Brief History Lesson

In today’s post, we are going to offer some brief historical descriptions of a few of the communities we provide appliance repair service. And while we usually focus on issues like LG refrigerator problems, Kenmore refrigerator repair, or even GE washer repair (and many others), we thought it would be a fun idea to speak to the communities in which we provide appliance repair and live. Keep reading if you are interested in getting a quick history lesson about Lansing, Jackson, and other local Mid-Michigan cities for which we provide appliance repair!

Lansing MI

While Lansing is most predominantly known by the outside world for being home to Sparty and Michigan State University, within its borders people talk about Lane’s Repair more than Tom Izzo, believe it or not.

Okay, that’s not actually true. And if you don’t know who Tom Izzo is, and you find yourself living in Lansing, get yourself out to a college basketball game, stat!

More seriously, Lansing, a city some 85 miles to the northwest of Detroit, is a community where the Grand River is met by the Cedar River, with the former absorbing the latter. Upon being settled around 1850, Lansing quickly became the state’s capital city. If you are wondering why it’s called “Lansing” at all, the answer is simply that one of the settlers hailed from Lansing, New York. Apparently, Lansing, NY, isn’t a place worth settling down in, but it is worthy of an homage once you leave your hometown to set down roots somewhere else.

Lansing experienced a surge in population growth between 1900 and 1930, in no small part due to the fact that Lansing was a hub of automaking. Notably, the Fish Body plant contributed to this growth.

If you are in need of Lansing appliance repair service, get in touch with us at Lane’s Repair today!

Jackson MI

Nestled into the southern-central part of Michigan, Jackson, is about 35 miles south of Lansing and 40 miles west of Ann Arbor, which is home to the University of Michigan Wolverines. Jackson, the seat of Jackson County, was originally named after President Andrew Jackson when it was founded in 1829. By the turn of the century, its main source of commerce came from the railroad lines that passed through the community. But it also showed exceptional manufacturing prowess, such that by 1910, Jackson was well known for its automobile parts manufacturing in addition to, curiously, corset manufacturing.

From a demographic perspective, folks from a variety of backgrounds came to Jackson seeking financial opportunity in the industrial sector. Other notable facts about Jackson include that it’s known as the birthplace of the Republican Party, the Coney island hot dog, and the state’s first prison. We don’t believe there is any sort of connection between the three items, but perhaps that is a blog post for another day!

Remember, if you need Jackson appliance repair service, give us a call at Lane’s. It’s our highest priority to build and maintain your trust and respect, but we need the chance to do so first!

Grand Ledge MI

Before Grand Ledge was settled by European pioneers in the 1830s, the area was known as Big Rocks by Native Americans local to the area. Once the first settlers began pouring in, led by land speculators John Russell and Henry Trench, Edmund Lampson settled on land that they come to know as Grand Ledge. In 1849, perhaps the first notable construction was accomplished when John Russel and Abram Smith built a dam across the river, just north of where the bridge is located.

Once settlers decided on the name Grand Ledge, traditional American society was the suit that followed. A post office was established, a saw mill was introduced near the dam, and the first school session was held in Abram Smith’s home.

Right around that time came the organization of various Christian denominations, including the Methodist and Baptist Churches. Interestingly enough, both church services were held in the Smith home.

In the years that followed, much more of the same came to pass, with a Lutheran church being established alongside the Seven Islands Resort, a hotel of sorts on Second Island. Seven Islands Resort got between 60,000 and 70,000 visitors per year during this period. By 1888, the town became only the second in the entire state to have access to electric lights.

Around the turn of the century came an influx of industry. Crawford Chair Company, which had been in Grand Ledge for years, opened a new factor on Orchard Street. Grand Ledge Clay Products is established as well. In the years that followed, coal mining was a common profession, until the last coal mine closed in 1945.

In need of Grand Ledge appliance repair service? Give the experts a call today.

Consider Lane’s Repair

While we weren’t able to cover every community for which we provide appliance repair, we hope you found this post entertaining and useful. But if there is one thing you were going to walk away with upon reading this, it’s that Lane’s Repair is who you can count of for residential and commercial appliance repair in Mid-Michigan. Reach out to us today to schedule a repair!


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