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Mildly Fun Facts About Appliances!

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Look. We get it. Not everyone is going to be as excited or knowledgeable about appliances as we are. At least, most people aren’t. That’s because most people aren’t part of an appliance repair company that’s been around for nearly 50 years. We’ve been a part of the Lansing, Jackson, and surrounding communities for a long time, and that doesn’t happen coincidentally. That kind of sustained presence is usually the result of a business doing things the right way, and Lane’s Appliance Repair is no exception to that rule.

Customers Becoming Clients

We take pride in our first-time customers becoming long-time clients. Our blend of value, quality, and exceptional customer service makes a big difference for people who are in need of appliance repair. These people, who perhaps found us by entering into their smartphone something to the effect of “appliance repair near me”, are usually very pleased to hear that we service all major brands, makes, and models when it comes to domestic appliance repair. So whether we are talking about a comprehensive coverage on dryer repair, fridge repair, stove top repair, oven repair, freezer repair, and other appliance repairs in that same vein. We are an authorized appliance repair service center for both LG and Samsung. But we also service brands that include the following.

  • Whirlpool
  • KitchenAid
  • Speed Queen
  • Maytag
  • Magic Chef
  • GE
  • Amana
  • Admiral
  • Bosch
  • Coldspot
  • Frigidaire
  • Jennair
  • Kenmore
  • Many More!

But before we get too carried away describing our appliance repair company’s many qualities (excuse us if we toot our own horn from time to time), we have a promised topic to get to. Today’s post is going to provide you with some mild to moderately entertaining facts about a variety of appliances. And like we said at the beginning of this post, we understand that you might not be as entertained by these factoids as we are. Maybe you can pick one or two up to use at a dinner party. People love hearing arbitrary facts about dishwashers at dinner parties. There’s your first fun fact! Keep reading if you are interested in such things!

  • Did you know that National Clean Your Fridge Day was November 14th? You didn’t? We didn’t either, until researching some fun facts for you. Next year, we’ll be sure to remind you beforehand!
  • Refrigerators account for around 12 percent of a homeowner’s energy bill, on average. See our previous post to learn how to save energy on all of your appliances. But for now, remember to keep your door shut as much as possible! Don’t stand there all day thinking about what you want to eat, either. Finally, make sure your door seal is functional.
  • The Indus Valley Civilization is the first people group(s) on record to use ovens. They constructed ovens inside of their mud-brick houses around the year 3200 B.C. However, Greeks are given credit for creating front-loaded bread ovens.
  • The first microwave oven was sold in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1947. It was a freestanding, white unit that operated at 220 volts of electricity and had a water-cooling system to boot.
  • The very first refrigeration patent (in the United States) was filed by a doctor. John Gorrie, a Florida man, wanted to help people with fevers in Florida by providing them with some relief. He went into the refrigeration business full-time, but then lost market share to more economical ice imports from some Yankees up north.

There you have it. Short but sweet! If you are in need of something like fridge repair, give us a call today instead of searching for ‘appliance repair near me”, and save yourself the trouble!


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