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To get started on your service request, simply click the Book Now button below. You will answer a few simple questions and select an available date and time frame that works best for you. Upon completion, your appointment will be immediately uploaded to our office and scheduled. It’s that simple.

We will notify you at least one day prior to your appointment with an estimated two-hour window of our arrival as well as the name of the technician that will be coming to your home.

Find answers to some commonly asked questions at the bottom of this page.

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Commonly asked questions

Q) Will you contact me when you are on your way?

A) Yes, we will. It is a common practice for our technicians to call ahead to inform you when they are on their way.

Q) How will I know if it’s better to repair or replace my appliance.

A) Rest assured that our qualified technicians will do a full evaluation of the product and help you to decide if it is worth repairing or if you are better off replacing it.

Q) How much do you charge to come to my home?

A)  Our service charge to come to your home and diagnose the issue will range from $69 – $89 depending on the type of product. The only exception to those rates would be for wall ovens and washers that have a dryer stacked on top of it. The charge for those rare exceptions would be $140 diagnostic charge due to the added labor. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to find out what category your appliance falls in.

Q) Do you charge labor on top of the service call?

A) If you go forward with a repair there will typically be some additional labor on top of that diagnostic fee. Once the technician has done a full evaluation of the product and figures out what the problem is, he will give you a total price to do the repair that would include that diagnostic fee plus any additional charges if there are parts needed or any additional labor. We use a national flat rate labor guide for all repairs.

Q) Do I have to pay the service call if I do not decide to go forward with any repairs?

A) If a technician is sent to your home, the service call will have to be paid even if you decide not to go forward with any repairs.

Q) Do you guys warranty your work?

A) We warranty our repairs for 60 days on workmanship. If we are called back for the same problem within 60 days, we will not charge you a service call for the return visit. Part warranties are set by each manufacturer and typically range from 90 days to one year.